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TPMS-01     £159.99

Solar powered tyre pressure monitoring system.

Reduce Driving Risks
It was reported that an astonishing 75% of all running tyres in the UK are under-inflated and many fatal accidents were caused by blowouts. With a TPMS, drivers are warned of abnormal tyre conditions before it becomes dangerous.

Improve Fuel Economy
Today's tyre designs make visual inspection of under-infaled tyres very difficult. Very often, a 30% under-inflated tyre looks very much the same as a fully inflated one. A TPMS makes sure your tyre pressures are at the correct level. A 9 PSI drop in the pressure will cause approximately 4% increase in fuel consumption, and a 20% under-inflated tyre will give you apprximately 30% less lifetime use of the tyre.

Monitor Features

  • Reliable and easy to install
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Monitor has a solar panel which autamatically recharges the battery
  • Automatic backlight
  • Automatically wakes up when the vehicle starts moving
  • Configurable  high and low pressure warnings
  • Configurable high temperature warnings
  • Visible and audio alerts
  • Selectable presure units PSI or BAR
  • Selectable temperature units Centigrade or Farenheit
  • Monitors up to 5 tyres maximum
  • Displays pressure or temperatures of 4 tyres simultaneously

Sensor Features

  • Reliable cap sensors, easy to install
  • Water resistant
  • Replaceable sensor batteries
  • Sensors transmit pressure and temperature data every 5 minutes
  • Fast leakage alert
  • Individually coded sensors
  • Anti-theft design

TPMS-01    £159.99